Our blog contains many reviews for all sorts of CIA-related games in the market. Whether the focus of the games is espionage or a mix of science and technology, our blog has them.

Do you have any brilliant game reviews you wish to submit? Here are certain criteria you want to follow before submitting your reviews to us.

First of all, the reviewed games must:

  • Include CIA related elements. This may include espionage, intelligence gathering, and the like.
  • The game must be digital. This means games that are played on the screen of your computers or gaming consoles. Examples of these consoles are the PlayStation, Xbox, and the like.

Furthermore, your reviews must be at least 500 to 1,000 words in length. If you feel you have more to contribute than 1,000 words, feel free to do so. However, bear in mind we do not want our readers to become bored from too reading articles that are too long.

If you feel your reviews fit these criteria, then you are ready to submit your CIA related gaming review. Send us an email through our contact page.