Metal Gear Ac!d Game Review

Solid Snake has always been one of the greatest at stealth and intelligence gathering, just like the Central Intelligence Agency in real life. If he doesn’t get his way, he shows his opponents a load of his firearms and close quarter combat. However, this PSP addition to the Metal Gear Franchise is not a stealth game at all. Metal Ac!d is a fascinating turn-based card game that is sure to pique nostalgia in all Metal Gear fans.

This game is not part of the main story arc though. In fact, unlike the games of the main story, it displays text boxes of all their dialogue. On these dialogue boxes are the faces of the characters attached to them. This is quite reminiscent of the turn based RPGs most gamers have known and loved.

The game is portrayed as an action RPG, but it still retains the stealth mechanics that has made this game popular. The enemies still have a line of sight you need to avoid. The game has good tutorials considering it introduces a new card mechanic to the game. The cards are simple to understand, most of them comprising weapons, actions, and even character cards.

Visually, the game is superior compared to most action RPGs around even on the PlayStation 2. The card arts are fantastic, and the cut-scenes you get out of them are a great touch. Of course, PSP can only handle so much graphics, but this is at the top in terms of visual appeal.

Turn-based games aren’t for everyone of course. However, if you’re a turn-based fan or a long time Metal Gear follower, this game is definitely for you.

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