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Blu-Cigs-Premium-Pack-LogoBlu Cigs are one of the more popular e-cigarette brands on the market today. Their combination of cool appearance, a variety of flavors and easy to use products has boosted their sales in the marketplace. Blu Cigs offer both traditional and disposable cartridges and four types of starter kits. Arguably the most interesting feature of the Blu Cigs is the use of the social media to let their customers know where other Blu Cig users are in their area. This unique twist of social media marketing has helped propel this brand towards the top, but does the actual product live up to the hype? Let’s take a closer look at the Blu Cigs and examine what it has to offer. Here is our full review;

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The standout part of the design is the cool, black casing used for the cartridges, packs and chargers which gives the Blu Cigs their blu-electronic-cigarette-diagramunique look. The mere appearance of the product itself emanates the feeling of “cool”. However, the design is rather standard using the two-piece cartridge system of atomizer and silicone tip flavor container in the shape of a traditional tobacco cigarette. You can choose from the traditional or disposable design with the traditional being good for about 250 uses, making it just above average in terms of its longevity. The cartridges themselves are easily distinguished from their tobacco counterparts, although the flip-pack is very much like a traditional one in terms of design.

Another cool aspect was the inclusion of a USB charger in their starter kits, something that has great appeal to younger vapers as they often use USB cables to recharge their devices.

Vapor Quality/Volume

blu_cigs_vaporThe vapor quality itself was smooth, but unremarkable. Blu Cigs are a well constructed product, but deliver only an average performance in providing enough volume and vapor quality to carry the feel of smoking, but not quite the kick or feeling of real tobacco. The testers were rather mixed in this department with some feeling that Blu Cigs provided an above-average experience in terms of flavor while others wanted more substance. In this manner, the Blu Cigs are about average in terms of overall quality do have their own following of loyal users, that said this e-cig might be preferred by users who want a lighter amount of vapor.

Battery Lifeblu_cig_battery

Here is arguably the weakest aspect of the Blu Cigs design. The battery was rather weak and needed charging after a mere two hours of vaping. Even though the vaping was rather heavy, most of the top e-cig products last much longer than that, calling into question the quality of the batteries themselves. Although the LED light draws very little power, it does flash five times when you have “puffed” more than six times a minute. While this feature is designed to help keep your vaping in check, the effect may be an unnecessary pull on the battery power. In light of this issue, Blu Cigs developed the larger Premium100 lithium ion battery as an upgrade from their current Original and Premium model. The Premium100 is rated for 350 puffs but the matching Premium 100 cartridges are required to hit the puff count without a change or charge required. So far, the reviews online have been good.


There are a number of flavors offered by Blu Cigs, each provides a quantitative difference in flavor, pull and appeal which will help keep vapers interested and provide plenty of variety. All of the flavors were judged to be at least adequate to very good, albeit a bit thin which may have something to do with the pull of the e-cig itself. Cartridges are offered Premium being the equivalent of 250 puffs or Premium 100 providing up to 350 puffs.

Blu_tobacco_pack_small blu_menthol_pack_small blu_java_pack_small





blu_vanilla_pack_small blu_pina_pack_small blu_peach_pack_small









Although somewhat limited in terms of overall flavor choices, the ones that were presented are more than adequate and provided the taste of what was promised. We really enjoy their line of tropical drink tastes like Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps. Admittedly, the “Java Jolt” was arguably not as “jolting” as one might expect, but it certainly did provide a nice kick and change of pace compared to the more standard flavors that are provided. 

Price & Warranty

The prices that are listed come from the manufacturer when ordering either over the phone or online. They may vary somewhat depending on the retailer and any coupons or discounts that they might offer. All Blu Cigs products, save for the batteries come with a one year warranty which covers them in case of defect of breaking down during normal operation. The one-year warranty is for all starter kits and applies to the normal use of the product itself.

The prices and warranty are all roughly similar to what most popular e-cig brands are offering. The Starter Kit is only offered in retail locations and is probably the most readily available e-cig on shelves today, but the Premium is arguably the best offer considering the price and what it contains. In that light, the Starter Kit is really more of a tryout pack to see if you enjoy the flavors and brand without having to make a big investment in the product itself. For the sake of being able to shop the best deals online, we will cover the premium starter kits offered on the Blu Cigs website.

Premium Starter Kit (White Battery, Tan Cartridges) – $79.95blu_starter_white

  • 1 blu Premium Pack and Social tracking features
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries 1 Original – 1 Premium
  • 1 Premium Wall Charging Unit
  • 1 Premium USB Charger
  • 1 Pack of  Any Flavor and Strength
    (5 Cartridges per Pack)

Premium Starter Kit (Black Battery, Black Cartridges) - $79.95blue_starter_black

  • 1 blu Premium Pack and Social tracking features
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries 1 Original – 1 Premium
  • 1 Premium Wall Charging Unit
  • 1 Premium USB Charger
  • 1 Pack of  Cartridges Any Flavor and Strength
    (5 Cartridges per Pack)

Premium100 Starter Kit – $89.95blu_starter_premium100

  • 1 blu Premium100 Pack and Social tracking features
  • 2 Premium100 Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 Premium Wall Charging Unit
  • 1 Premium USB Charger
  • 1 Pack of  Premium100 Cartridges
    Any Flavor and Strength (5 Cartridges per Pack)



Admittedly, this is one of the “coolest” looking e-cigarette products in the marketplace. However, when taking into account their design, product price and variety the Blu Cigs are no more than average compared to the other major e-cig brands. We were not impressed with the weak battery which we consider a very important feature, especially when out on the road or in places where recharging may not be so practical. However, the variety of flavors was nice and the overall performance of the product itself was on par with most other major brands.

Chalk it up to the sleek packaging and one of the best marketing campaigns we’ve ever seen in this field, especially the use of social media to create local communities of Blu Cig enthusiasts. But all in all, there are better e-cig products on the marketplace for the price.

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