Infamous Game Review

In the PS3 game Infamous, you play as a bike messenger called Cole McGrath. You are exposed to a huge explosion and develop super electric powers in the process. What is unique about the game is that it contains a ‘karmic system’ that records the good and bad choices you make. This will affect the overall powers that you develop mid game.

Later in the game, you will be contacted by a secret agent who will manipulate you to do her dirty work. The government organization she works for in the game, much like the CIA, deals with powerful criminals and super powered men.

First of all, this game is also very vast in terms of map size and is classified as an ‘open world’ game like Grand Theft Auto. It can be fascinating to explore all the nooks and crannies throughout the entire map.

Furthermore, the game is pretty decent in terms of long lasting it is. It contains many quests in three major islands that will keep you playing for a while. Also, it contains nifty side quests that give you experience along the way. The best part is the quest varies depending on whether you are in the good or bad side. This game receives a decent score for replayability.

There are certain down sides to the game, however. Choosing good or evil doesn’t really affect the story much. Also, the side quests can get pretty repetitive along the way, which gets boring.

In the end, Infamous is a nice action game for open world fans out there, especially those that want it mixed with super-powered adventure.