About Us

This website is dedicated to the review of any games related to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA is responsible for giving security intelligence to the US government, and this is why they are mostly found as undercover spies. Espionage and intelligence gathering are a few of their forte.

The real CIA is divided into five branches that include: operations, analysis, science and technology, support and innovation. Most of the time, media only portrays the operations branch without due credit to the other branches. This blog reviews in great detail how games worldwide portray real CIA scenarios and protocols.

You can find games with CIA elements all around, especially if you are a frequent gamer. Many variants of shooting games include these elements. This includes popular titles such as Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid all come into the picture. Even games that allow you to play the anti-hero role are often filled with CIA officials. The Hitman series is a great example.

The founder of this website is a researcher of spy related occurrences and events. He is an avid gamer and blogger as well. Consequently, this has made him keen on the topics of reviewing CIA related games in every console. He enjoys reviewing how the games deviate and relate to the real scope of CIA activities. If you seek games for their authentic CIA content, this is the blog you want to frequent.

Our blog is run by experienced and knowledgeable writers. All of them are has undergone the screening process. As a result, the reviews you will receive are certain to be top notch.

Do you have CIA related game reviews you wish to submit to us? Perhaps you have specific reviews you want to request from our writers. You may send us requests and submissions through the contact page of our website.