Infamous Game Review

In the PS3 game Infamous, you play as a bike messenger called Cole McGrath. You are exposed to a huge explosion and develop super electric powers in the process. What is unique about the game is that it contains a ‘karmic system’ that records the good and bad choices you make. This will affect the overall powers that you develop mid game.

Later in the game, you will be contacted by a secret agent who will manipulate you to do her dirty work. The government organization she works for in the game, much like the CIA, deals with powerful criminals and super powered men.

First of all, this game is also very vast in terms of map size and is classified as an ‘open world’ game like Grand Theft Auto. It can be fascinating to explore all the nooks and crannies throughout the entire map.

Furthermore, the game is pretty decent in terms of long lasting it is. It contains many quests in three major islands that will keep you playing for a while. Also, it contains nifty side quests that give you experience along the way. The best part is the quest varies depending on whether you are in the good or bad side. This game receives a decent score for replayability.

There are certain down sides to the game, however. Choosing good or evil doesn’t really affect the story much. Also, the side quests can get pretty repetitive along the way, which gets boring.

In the end, Infamous is a nice action game for open world fans out there, especially those that want it mixed with super-powered adventure.

Metal Gear Ac!d Game Review

Solid Snake has always been one of the greatest at stealth and intelligence gathering, just like the Central Intelligence Agency in real life. If he doesn’t get his way, he shows his opponents a load of his firearms and close quarter combat. However, this PSP addition to the Metal Gear Franchise is not a stealth game at all. Metal Ac!d is a fascinating turn-based card game that is sure to pique nostalgia in all Metal Gear fans.

This game is not part of the main story arc though. In fact, unlike the games of the main story, it displays text boxes of all their dialogue. On these dialogue boxes are the faces of the characters attached to them. This is quite reminiscent of the turn based RPGs most gamers have known and loved.

The game is portrayed as an action RPG, but it still retains the stealth mechanics that has made this game popular. The enemies still have a line of sight you need to avoid. The game has good tutorials considering it introduces a new card mechanic to the game. The cards are simple to understand, most of them comprising weapons, actions, and even character cards.

Visually, the game is superior compared to most action RPGs around even on the PlayStation 2. The card arts are fantastic, and the cut-scenes you get out of them are a great touch. Of course, PSP can only handle so much graphics, but this is at the top in terms of visual appeal.

Turn-based games aren’t for everyone of course. However, if you’re a turn-based fan or a long time Metal Gear follower, this game is definitely for you.

Counter Strike- Global Offensive Game Review

If you have been gaming for a while already, you will know that the Counter-Strike series has not changed much in terms of gameplay. This is both a blessing and a curse to this game series.

The Counter-Strike has always been a fight against the side of Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. This can be likened to the real life struggles of CIA operatives and “terrorists” worldwide. The game includes modes such as Hostage Rescue and Bomb Defusal that are all too familiar sights in CIA-related films and events.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS GO for short, is the latest and downloadable extension of the game that keeps all the maps and weapons that you love intact. Though CS Go is obviously not a mimic of the Call of Duty series, it certainly does not offer new features past that. It includes over 16 new maps, most recycled from the old expansion.

The bright side to the latest CS expansion might be its visual effects upgrade. The rugged look of the old maps can now be seen in an improved light, weapons included. Moreover, CS GO includes new game modes such as Arms Race and Domination. Arms Race gives you unlimited respawns with different weapons every time. Alternatively, Domination is a Bomb Defusal and Arms Race combination.

The slow pacing of the old Counter-Strike game can still be found in CS GO. Slight changes to weapons can be found though, such as old guns being changed to new ones (e.g.,. MP5 to MP7). Die hard Counter Strike are sure to enjoy this latest expansion, though some might also resent its lack of change.

Another feature of the game to consider is that it has a high learning curve. This means newbies all over tend to perform worse for a while compared to long time veterans of the game. Event though tutorials share basic knowledge of controls, it tends to be difficult to beat old players.

Experienced players will be thrilled to know that their strategies still work in the CS GO environment. Game modes such as Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue still require the same old tricks to win.

Overall, if you’re looking for a brand new FPS game to relish you are out of luck. However, if you are a hardcore fan of Counter-Strike, you have our blessing of buying the game.